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New Politics

1. If they are members of the parliament and/or the recipients of State/Government appointments and/or the direct or indirect beneficiary of any State/Government contracts and/or subventions of any kind whatsoever, then, as members of your party’s national executive they cannot, without prejudice, represent the majority will of you the ordinary members:

2. It is an established fact that governments are often influenced by powerful interest groups and/or party financiers to carry out their own agendas at the cost of sacrificing the majority will of party members in particular and the masses in general. It is our collective duty and responsibility therefore, that we ensure the composition of the national executive of every political party remain independent of any and all sectarian influence whatsoever and is made up of national patriots who are wholly committed to making representation to the government in ensuring that the majority will of its membership is fully represented.

3. Further, ‘We the people’ must now assume our moral and civic duty and responsibility to ensure that all political parties publish on an annual basis, audited financial statements. Such financial statements MUST provide information of all sources of its finances... We cannot, must not and will not fail to ensure that this ‘new politics’ becomes firmly entrenched into our political psyche, for should we fail so to do, socio-economic and political injustice we continue to prevail, inevitably leading to the ongoing overspreading of criminality in all its forms and faces and finally to instability, chaos and anarchy. The time to act is now!



“Supreme authority is vested in ‘we the people’....” (Republican constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago).

Arjune Teeluck

Member-league tandt

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