A home for my Articles, Papers, Poems, Books,
Plays and Aphorisms on Politics, Science and Religion


  • Lengua Islamia TIA Primary School
  • Tagore College (Form III)
  • Training in Plant Propagation/Vegetable and Food Crop Production/Small and Large Life-Stock Farming-Ministry of Agriculture
  • Cooperative Accounting and management – Ministry of labour and Small and Micro Enterprises Development
  • Training in Writing and Drama – Professor B. Bacthacharya MA. BT.-Tagore College


  • Reading-Philosophy/Science/Comparative Religion
  • Writing and debating

Voluntary Community Service

  • Served/serving as - President-Community Improvement Volunteers Integrated Council (C.I.V.I.C.)
  • Chairman - league for Socio-Economic and Political Equity (S.E.P.E.)
  • President - Broomage Agricultural Cooperative Society Limited
  • Executive member-Realize/Mandingo Community Council
  • Founded ‘Strivers 4/H YFC now Strivers Sports Club
    • Janki Jyoti Ashram
    • Community Improvement Volunteers Integrated Council (C.I.V.I.C.)
    • ‘league’ for Socio-Economic and Political Equity (S.E.P.E.)
  • Past Chairman - Realize/Mandingo Community Council
  • Leader - Strivers 4H-YFC
  • President - Janki Jyoti Ashram
  • Vice Chairman - Barrackpore Secondary School Parent Teachers Association
  • Vice Chairman - League of Concern Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Secretary - Sanatan Dharma Mandalli
  • Assistant Secretary - Divine Life Society of Trinidad and Tobago Incorporated
  • Assistant Secretary-Civil Society Network (C.S.N.) Princes Town Region
  • Activist-Dennis Pantin Constitution Reform Forum
  • Activist for Inter-Religious Unity
  • Voluntary community/social worker
  • Political/cultural activist


  • Crab in Barrel (Politics)
  • Block Psyche (Play-Social Commentary)
  • Not Me – (A play on HIV/AIDS)
  • Perceptions (Book of Aphorisms/Poems)
  • Articles titled - Power of one (Political commentary)
  • Dealing With Crime (Addressing criminality in Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Indian and Hindu (Article-Hindu perspective/Comparative Religion)
  • Editor - History of the Nationalist Struggle for Democracy and National Independence by John Milton Hackshaw
  • Executive Producer - ‘The Hindu Vision’ –  published by the D.L.S. Inc
  • Executive Producer of ‘Savera’-  published by the Sanatan Dharma Mandalli
  • Published several articles on politics and comparative religion


  • Police officer
  • Manager- Broomage Agricultural Cooperative Society Limited
  • Managing Director – Aijrra Ltd
  • Managing Director-Agro-plus Limited
  • Executive President - Horizon Sports Enterprises Limited
  • Contractor/Negotiator - In-Electra Limited
  • Manager Sub-Circuit Limited
  • Skills Tutor - YTEPP Ltd (Plant Propagation/Vegetable and Food Crop Production)
  • Self-Employed – Agriculture-Horticulture/Marketing